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Robert Carter

Robert is an ordained minister.

He is now non-denominational, but retains affiliations with other ministers around the world.

His vision is multi-faceted and looks past normal church activites.

It embraces:

  • Reaching people everywhere with the message of Jesus in a simple, yet workable manner avoiding clutter or distraction
  • Reaching people who profess to be Christians but really know little about God
  • Helping equip the saints to be precisely what God wants them to be
  • Teaching truth and impart revelation of God's word
  • Helping God's people to be ready for the imminent return of Jesus

Robert was born in Adelaide South Australia and initially raised in a Church of England environment.

During the convict era in Australia, three of the states were penal colonies, but South Australia that was formed in 1836 was one of several free states. During this era, a group of Jewish settlers migrated to the Clare area in South Australia and raised cattle. His family tree dates back to them, but he was never a practicing Jew.

Educated to degree level, Robert's career started as a communications technician with the Post Master General's Department and was promoted to senior technical management positions, eventually becoming the National Administrator of one of the projects in Telstra (Australia's national communications carrier) that computerized the Australian telephone exchange network.

On September 1st 1967 at 7:30PM, Robert met Jesus in a face-to-face in a brilliant burst of light when singing the opening hymn at a church during a crusade. This was his first of many Divine encounters. He was 26 years of age.
The week beforehand, God healed his son Gary from an ailment that was causing his left hip to decay. Doctors were unable to diagnose it or treat it and newfound friends requested permission to pray for him at the meetings and invited me to attend. I did so on the last night.

Over the years, Robert became involved in numerous activities that included:

  • Planting churches
  • Pastoring
  • Speaking at healing crusades around the world
  • Becoming a Field representative for an international Christian businessmen's organization
  • Establishing home groups that eventually became churches
  • Establishing a Christian book ministry
  • Assisting other pastors in their own ministries
  • Participating in various conferences and conventions as committee member, organizer or guest speaker
  • Becoming involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal during the 1970's era and more...

Robert enjoys gardening and fishing and has been an active member of a volunteer sea rescue squadron

In the early 1990's, The Lord started speaking to Robert about leaving the denomination to which he belonged and for a five year period, he began a process of learning things never before experienced.

The Lord told him to study the life and ministry of John the Baptist, that led to the forming of what is now known as Bashan Ministries.

During this time, the Jewish heritage started to be revealed and although not yet as fluent in Hebrew as he would like, Robert now draws much from the original language, manners and customs of the Jews in his ministry. He can now see with more clarity and revelation how the Jewish life and Christian life are intertwined and how Jesus fulfilled the prophecies, The Law and especially... the Feasts of Israel.

Over the years, God has done wonderful things in his life as seen here to facilitate his desire to help believers develop and cultivate a deep, personal and intimate relationship with God.

  • He has taken him to Heaven on several occasions
  • He has taken him to hell for a 45 minute visit
  • He has allowed him to see angels
  • He has given him dreams and visions
  • Jesus has visited him
  • Preserved his life on several occasions
  • Miraculously healed him many times

Whilst not actively seeking "signs and wonders" there are many times during his meetings when he has often witnessed a tangible presence of God. Robert believes in and often functions in the Gifts of the Spirit as seen in 1 Corinthians 12:1-11.

Robert functions primarly in the office of a prophet and has adopted the ministry motto of preparing the way... This is based on teh misnitry of John the Baptist.

These things enable him to cross denominational barriers and obstacles, customs and traditions to present God's reality to people.

He now tends to move away from what is now the accepted "norm' in churches, from being "meeting oriented" and "program oriented" in their various forms and to help believers develop and cultivate a deep, personal and intimate relationship with God... to become true disciples of Jesus Christ... and to be prepared for His appearing

    Our ministry is registered with the Australian Government

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